L Cut Shrink Machine

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L Cut Shrink Machine: Bakery Products, Confectionery (candy, Turkish delight, chocolate, Cezerye), Market Products, Eggs, Cultured mushrooms, Patisserie Products, Cologne and cosmetic products, Cleaning products and materials, Souvenirs, toys, Stationery, glassware, crystal glass , Automotive spare parts, textiles, electrical and electronic equipment, hardware, etc. It ensures that the materials take a long-lasting and smooth shape. Technical Specifications Maximum Packaging Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 180mm Electricity Supply: 380V - 3 Ph, 50-60 Hz. Maximum Power: 6 kW Average Power: 3 kW/h. Air Consumption Amount: 50 Lt / min. °C Working Pressure: 0.40 - 100 micron bar Adhesive Jaw Length: 700 mm. Pasting Time Setting: 0-3 sec. Shrink Tunnel Temperature Setting 0-50 - 300 °C Max. Film Thickness 0.40 - 100 micron Max. Roll Width 700 mm. Suitable Film PE Polyethylene / Polyethylene Machine Weight 500 kg. Usage Areas Bakery Products Confectionery (Candy, Turkish Delight, Chocolate, Cezaerye Market Products Eggs, cultivated mushrooms Patisserie Products Cologne and cosmetic products Cleaning products and materials Souvenirs, toys Stationery, glassware, crystal automotive spare parts, textile Electric and Electronic materials Hardware Usage Features Safe and secure system control Serial and easy use Vibration-free and silent operation Quality and abundant spare parts availability Efficient and beautiful packaging