Shrink Packaging, Custom manufacturing, filling machine

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Our company; 
• Semi Automatic Shrink Machine 
• Fully automatic shrink machine 
• L Cut Shrink Machine 
• Küvezl Shrink Machine 
• Vacuum Packaging Machines 
• Labeling Machine 
• Semi-automatic filling and wrapping vertical 2 Weighing Machine 
• Fully Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine Multihead 
• Volumetric System Fully Automatic vertical packaging Packing Machine 
• Flat Adhesive mouth off Machine 
• Pasting Machine knurled lip seal
manufacturing has been operating in the field of maintenance and repair. Our products are designed to be practically useful. Of the materials used, used by Location attention has been paid to the quality and long-lasting. Under the design of machines with less energy efficient operation of the Association were taken into consideration.